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Welcome to Trail Magic Sauce!
Trail Magic Sauce began as a way to share my BBQ sauces with friends and family. These sauces are the result of the love for good BBQ, the Colorado high-country, and backpacking in the great outdoors. In this spirit, all of our sauces are made with wholesome ingredients and bottled right here in Colorado. We are a Colorado Proud company!  Trail Magic Sauce is a chef owned and operated company and as a certified professional chef, I not only have skills and craftsmanship to cook but also the ability to transform the flavors of Colorado and capture them in a bottle. Trail Magic Sauces are Trail Inspired - Chef Created and Desired.

Trail Inspired                                                                               

The Trail Magic Sauce product line was inspired by my love of a good BBQ sauce and the great Colorado outdoors. Many of the ideas for my sauces have come from the time my wife Laura and I spent on the Colorado Trail, hiking from Denver to Durango. On our trek we would occasionally come across a cache of goodies called “Trail Magic” left by a “Trail Angel.” Trail Magic seemed like a natural fit for the name of the sauce. Being on the trail there was plenty of time for reflection and conversation. In addition we would pass by many old mining operations and I would often think of my western heritage and my pioneer ancestors who settled in Colorado over 130 years ago. Several of my ancestors were miners in the mountains of Colorado so in their honor Trail Magic Sauce also carries the Cousin Jack line of BBQ spice rubs. The term Cousin Jack refers to the Cornish people who worked as hard rock miners, as my ancestors did, applying this trade in the mountains of Colorado. Trail Magic Sauce products pay homage to the Colorado high-country and to the tough folks who settled the Wild West.

Chef Created and Desired
When hiking for many days, my wife and I would often think about what we wanted to eat when we got off the trail. Frequently BBQ would enter my mind as a food of choice. These conversations of BBQ lead to the development of the sauces. As a chef, I took the inspiration from the trail and my western heritage and captured it in a bottle. The time spent dreaming has now turned into a reality.

Trail Magic Sauce has a product line of three sauces: Gold Rush BBQ and Dipping Sauce; Prospector’s Pick BBQ Sauce; and Powder Keg BBQ Glaze and Grilling Sauce. The Gold Rush BBQ and Dipping Sauce is not your traditional vinegar based Carolina style sauce. Our Gold Rush sauce is full bodied mustard based sauce that is on the sweet and zippy side. The Prospector’s Pick BBQ Sauce resembles a Kansas City style with a Rocky Mountain twist. Sweet and sassy with a tomato base with layers of flavors could be one way to describe the sauce with the added kick and flavor of delectable smoky peppers. Powder Keg BBQ Glaze and Grilling Sauce starts off with the sweetness of citrus and then tops it off with a blast of habanero peppers. The Cousin Jack line of BBQ spice rubs consists of three flavors: Mesquite BBQ Rub, Sweet BBQ Rub, and Bangkok Thai Rub for something different to try. Each pairs well with the three sauces or can stand alone as a rub to enhance the flavor of your favorite foods.

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